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Don’t Blame Yourself Anymore

My Mommy said something to me that validated something that’s been hovering over my head for years.

As I said on Twitter recently; I’m my worst critic; I’m very tough on myself about anything I do.

She said (& I’m paraphrasing):

"It’s not your fault for being brought up into this world and was dealt a bad hand of cards. It’s not your fault…"

I said to her that “I can’t do the things that a normal 25 year old can do because of health reasons”

Then she said in response:

"You’re depressed Jaé! You just said it. ‘You can’t do the things that a normal 25 year old can do". A normal 25 year old is out here selling weed, smoking & drinking, killing folks, having babies and getting arrested; that’s not who you are."

I’ve blamed myself for things I have no control over and wished I had control. I have to learn how to give myself some slack. I’m always spreading myself too thin, working 10x’s harder than those I know and trying my hardest to beat the odds and be a testament and show those who feel like they can’t make it through that they can.

The downfall is that you over-work and cause stress to yourself and do more damage that good.

As I keep saying:

"God works in mysterious ways"

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